Cremation In Louisville Ky

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Cremation In Louisville Ky

Selecting cremation for your loved one’s remains is an excellent choice. You’ll save a significant amount of time researching local funeral homes and their costs when you make a phone call to Evans Monuments to ask about an affordable cremation in Louisville, KY. We are able to manage all of the details of cremation, along with memorial services, assistance with urn selection, and final resting place advice.

More Options With Cremation

Today, more than ever, you’ll discover a wide range of options when you decide on cremation. We are able to answer all of your questions regarding cremation and help your family plan a beautiful memorial service that will accommodate both local family and friends as well as those who live at a distance. You can learn more about cremation in Louisville, KY at Evans Monuments by clicking the ‘Cremation & Funeral Plans’ link on our website’s homepage. There, you’ll find a wealth of information, including:

  • What is Cremation?
  • Why More Families Are Choosing Cremation
  • What is Private Family Cremation Care?
  • Is Embalming Required For Cremation?
  • Holding a Memorial Service After Cremation
  • What May Be Done With a Loved One’s Remains
  • Your Own Cremation Considerations
  • Memorial Visitations
  • Final Resting Place
  • Need to Know Information
  • And Much, Much More

Choosing a Funeral Home

It’s not an easy decision who you will entrust your family’s remains with after their death. Evans Monuments has earned a reputation throughout the greater Louisville region for compassion and understanding during one of life’s most difficult times. If you have any questions about cremation, we are available to meet with you and help you better understand the process and what is involved in planning for the death of a family member.

Unique Benefits of Choosing Cremation

If cost is a consideration, cremation might be the perfect option for your family, as a cremation costs only about one-tenth the cost of a typical funeral. We speak with many local families who are unable to afford the costs of an all-inclusive funeral and find that a cremation service is more accommodating to their budget. A cremation is also an excellent option for a family who has experienced an unexpected death and has not had the opportunity to save for the costs of a funeral. Additional advantages of cremation in Louisville, KY:

  • Time is always a factor when planning for a traditional funeral- but not so with cremation. It’s possible to arrange a memorial service before, during, or after the cremation.
  • Cremation offers more options for a final resting place. Keepsake mementos are cherished by friends and family and still leave ample ashes for scattering or placement in a cemetery.
  • Permitted scattering can satisfy the personal requests of your loved one, and costs a lot less than you may think.
  • There is no embalming required for a cremation service, saving further costs.
  • Cremation is considered a more ‘green’ option as it requires less space to accommodate the remains.
  • More and more churches are becoming accepting of cremation.

Cremation In Louisville Ky

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Cremation In Louisville Ky

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